Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Friends Giveaway

Nancy, Inside Nanas Head, is having a giveaway of this little candle mat...Lynn, a friend of hers, was evacuated during the recent hurricane made this and wanted to give it away, but she has no computer right now.. so Nancy is helping her out...its a nice candlemat, hand stitched, and prim..the giveaway will end Sept.20 and the winner announced on the 21st.
Our warm weather has returned today but they say it will cool down for the rest of the week...I
noticed that the large elm tree in our front is starting to drop leaves so its getting cooler at night. We always get tons of leaves as we live at the end of the street and the wind blows them from all the other yards My son mows our lawn and it has a mulcher attachment that really eats up most of the leaves but I find it fun to rake them once in a while...makes it seem more like fall. I worked for awhile in the back, deadheading, and cleaning up the patio..I had several plants in pots that had died, annuals, so put them in the green bin..nothing more depressing than seeing dead plants
Alan has a "lock out" scheduled today at noon....these are always sad....the sheriff has to make sure the people are out of their house and then he goes in to secure it.....we were told there was going to be as much as 5,000 foreclosures just in our area this year...I heard that Congress may vote to stop banks from foreclosing in the future....don't know how that will work.
We re keyed a house here in town over the weekend, the bank had agreed to offer the owners, cash for keys...that is, the bank gives them some money (usually several thousand) to leave, hand over the keys and leave the home in good condition....the owners took the cash and trashed the house, broke windows, smashed staircase railings, holes in walls.
I am glad we don't have our trust in banks or money..but in our Wonderful Lord and Savior.