Saturday, September 6, 2008


I've been filling my Etsy store with lots of good stuff, transfers, cross stitch patterns, holiday books and I even found a large box of plastic canvas in various colors...these are all in my store so if you were thinking of making a handmade item for a loved one this Christmas, this would be a good time to do it and my prices are deeply discounted. I have a sale rack there too. I have over 50 items for you, also some hanger covers and journal jars. I have a 100% approval rating so you can buy with confidence.
Years ago, I worked various retail jobs. My favorite was working for the Lawrence Welk resort.
I was the assistant manager of the gift shop. I was fortunate to meet Mr. Welk ( an elegant man, he kissed my hand!) and many of the actors that worked in their dinner theater. It is called the Welk Resort now and a lovely place to visit north of Escondido...they have golf and vacation rentals there, time shares, etc. My older relatives used to come down for vacation and we'd always give them the "tour" of the resort. My grandpa was a big fan of Mr. Welk...although he was a bit before my time, it was a nice place to work...I wish I could work there again but its far to drive from here...about 45 minutes or so.
Our weather is still warm most days...yesterday it was over 100, can hardly not use the AC although we keep it up in the low 80s. Our climbing roses are starting to bloom again which is nice to see...they went into dormancy when it gets to a certain temperature. They bloom spring and fall so we know the fall is coming...we are looking forward to it. It stays warm here into October usually.