Monday, September 29, 2008

I don't have a whole lot to post about, but am collecting a lot more vintage photos...I am making quite a few journal jars....I have 7 made so far...I have one cowboy/western one, and have photos for a civil war themed one and also vintage my usual vintage jars , some with lace embellishments and some with vintage tatting...and the original prim grungy jar. I am hoping I can get Under Dog to take photos of them as he does so well with macro details.
I will have a booth in the EZ Shoppe Holiday craft sale starting Oct. 8th and all my jars will be for sale....the price will include the shipping.
The above photo is one that I recently found... there are so many public photos online, I could spend hours pouring through happy to see them available and enjoyed.
We watched TV a bit yesterday, mostly politics, especially towards the evening...the only show I really enjoyed and will watch again is on Fox, Mike Huckabee has his own show now and it is very very the end of the show, many members of Fox formed their own band and Mike played the guitar...if you've read my or Alan's (Under Dog) blog much, he is who we really wanted as VP nominee. I tried to find a link to get you to the show site but evidently as this was his first show this last weekend, they don't have a site up and running yet.