Monday, September 8, 2008

Quiet day today, got one locksmith call for tomorrow..and one check in the mail....scary times...
we did some yard work today and decided to pull out some of our rose bushes that were not doing well in one part of the yard....we have a boysenberry bush in a large barrel and decided to transplant it into the ground in that area instead...maybe it will do better..I know it will spread and there is plenty of room there for it against the back fence.
I have great memories of picking my grandparents black berries on their farm as a grandma would send each of the kids, (my cousins) and I out with little pails for pie. I remember getting scratched up a little but that was all part of the fun. Grandma was a little angry with us as we had eaten more than we picked but she managed to make a pie anyway.
If you don't know, a boysen berry is a cross between a blackberry, a loganberry and a raspberry.
It was named after Rudolph Boysen who developed the berry and later Walter Knott of Knots Berry Farm fame, went on to promote and propogate it. Mr. Knot named the berry after Boysen.
We knew Rudolph Boysen's son, Robert and his wife Elsie.
I also did some dead heading of the other roses and some weeding....the weather was warm today but cooled off.
I finished another hanger cover, its a rose bouquet and the photo is posted in my other blog, the crafting will find it for sale in my etsy store...its a little more than the other ones but has more work done on it and took me longer to embroider. The Blue Bird hanger covers were sold and I guess I will make another set as they are favorite of mine.
Donny was home for the weekend, he gets Sunday and Monday off every week....he had a lot of laundry to do, naturally. He seems really happy to be home and away from all the barking!