Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Road Trip

Yesterday, I decided to go with Alan on a trip up to the Palm Springs area to re key a house..we hadn't been up to the low desert in quite a few years and were amazed to see how many wind mills had been put in at the west end of town as you enter on the freeway...I took these photos while in the car but you can see how huge these are...we were wondering how much energy they put out..just click on the photo to get a much larger image...

There are just thousands of these all over, on the mountain tops, all across the valleys...its quite something to see...we were amazed.

This is a photo of Mt. San Jacinto that is above Palm Springs, in early photos I have posted the same mountain looking from our direction, we live in a town on the other side...they have a tram that goes up the mountain to San Jacinto park, its been featured in Dirty Jobs and California Gold (a PBS show), we haven't been up it but plan to one day if possible.

This is the resort where we did the re key..its a gated community and has a golf course. We really liked the house, it was a 2 bedroom and right on the course. We liked it until we found out
they had a huge home owner association charge of over $500 a month + the land is leased from a Indian tribe and there is an additional yearly charge of $1500. No wonder the house has been for sale for 4 years!

This was the view out the back patio...

Another photo of the area...this town is outside of Palm Springs, its called Cathedral City.
Alan has more on his blog about our trip and you can find it here..
he made a video of the windmills.
sorry about skipping the dog of the will be back next week.