Sunday, September 21, 2008

We've had a quiet weekend....our son announced he wants to get back into baseball...when he was younger, we were very involved in Little League, Alan was a coach and Donny was a umpire...Matt was on top teams and went into the playoffs several times, he was a catcher and a pitcher but could play almost any a pitcher, 12 years old, he had a wicked arm and threw balls at about 60 he wonders how he would do at 17...he could hit too and made quite a few home runs...God has blest him with alot of athletic talent.
When we moved up here, about 4 years ago, he lost interest and let baseball have a rest until now. Fortunately we have a neighbor who is into Little League, and was on a minor team as an adult. He's taken an interest in Matt and says he can get him on a traveling team within a week or so. He says he wants to start working out and getting ready for try outs.
Our weather has been wonderful the high AC needed.....we did some yard clean up, sweeping, etc. and I trimmed our Purple Fountain grass as it was getting too large and falling over. I also worked on more journal jars which I will be listing on jars are very unique, no one else makes these on Ebay or Etsy and they make a nice gift......I have several photos of previous jars on my other blog so will only post one here..

This one was a western themed one with photos of old cowboys...I also decorated it with old cracker jack box toy ropes, horse shoes and a tiny pistol...bits of rope too....I am working on a similar one as well as two others....
A journal jar contains questions to help in writing a journal..over 100 that will help stir up memories...