Friday, September 5, 2008

My Thoughts

We watched the Republican Convention for the last two days...heard Palins acceptance speach as well as McCains...and we were both in very impressed, especially with Gov. Sarah Palin's..she proved to be a strong woman with high ideals...frugal too which we appreciated...I loved it when she said she sold the corporate jet on Ebay, and drives herself to work. Her comment about the difference between hockey moms and pitbills was mom's (I was one) are about the same.
The main objection that I have read from the far left and the far right is that she should be home with her young children and who is going to take care of them? all the while her husband and parents are standing by her side. I might as well say the same thing about Obama, who is going to take care of his children?
I read one editorial today that complained about her "beehive" who is being petty?
and called her family, disfunctional because her kids looked uncomfortable and how dare they have 5 children? As far as her daughter finding herself with child at 17. Frankly, it really isn't our business, is it? I mean, when Clinton was found in the Oval office with a young intern, that wasn't " supposed" to be our business either. Young love versus old lust.
I do think the young couple should have a quiet wedding and stop the voices.
Country first..., as a Christian, its God first, Family, second and Country, third....but country is in the top three. I know where they are coming from what the Country First motto...there are many on the left that have in their minds left the USA for a international global citizenship. Obama has called himself a "citizen of the world"*They have rewritten our history and are ashamed to be American...and are leaning toward for a one world government. If they lean much further, they will fall down hard.
Anyway, that is my thoughts, what are yours?

*said in speech at Berlin's Victory Column, July 24