Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Giveaway and a new friend

Hi, I was visiting my glad tidings friend, Cyndi and she had posted about this giveaway from Karla's Korner, I was delighted to read about Karla, her ministry, and artwork...she's one busy creative lady...and of course, I signed up to perhaps win this wonderful recipe keeper, magnets, and a digital art can too, her blog, store and ministry is such a encouragement, I know you will enjoy your time there. I have bookmarked the site and plan to spend some quality time reading her posts..and visiting her other sites.... I really love her art work.
Only 8 more days until its officially fall...its cooled down alot here this week but we think its only temporary...nice though...but I've been actually cold..silly, huh? guess I am so used to the heat, anything under 70 degrees seems cold...Alan thinks I am nuts (LOL) Soon we will be wearing sweatshirts and raking leaves...lots of leaves..I rather enjoy it..
Alan was able to plant the boysenberry bush..he dug a huge hole, hard work as the ground is so hard and full of decomposed granite..we filled the hole with good rich soil to give the plant a good chance Watered it well too...I don't think berry plants are too fussy.

He got two jobs yesterday and today is a day of rest. Please pray that the Lord will provide this week as we have quite a few bills due and only about half the money to pay many owe realtor called over two weeks ago and said she was sending a check, have we got it? not hardly..I really do not understand as she even has on her business card a Christian fish...I hope I am not like that, talking the talk but not walking the walk.