Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Thoughts for Friday

Please be sure to see the above video...history is being rewritten in one of our nations newest monuments.
I also wanted to say a little something on the emergency funding thing going on this week in Congress...There was a warning bell rang several years ago in Congress about this very thing..
those who tried to fix the problem before it got this bad, were shot about it here
President Bush, who is so hated by so many, tried 17 times to get this before Congress..there was even a bill, that cleared the Senate banking panel...but the powerful Democratic House Financial Services (Barney Frank ) spearheaded the fight to defeat it.
I think it was great that John McCain went back to Washington to try to hash out this bail out of Wall Street...this is a more important than the election in his mind and I think he is a true patriot, more interested in the country than his own political agenda..

This is the first election that I know of, and I've voted for many presidents...that I can see will really make a difference...Our country is slipping down a steep slope. Please investigate Obama's background before voting for him...we all know John McCains...just remember that Obama was a known Muslim for many years, all of his childhood and into early adult life...he only professed Christ for political gain and was in a church for over 20 years that was racist and anti-American.
This is more troubling to me than his political views and lack of experience.

I found an interesting blog for Sarah Palin you might want to read...its written by a young man, only 22 who has a good head on his shoulders, here is the link...