Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week

Another Wednesday and another terrific dog, this is Shadow, a Weimarner mix, he is only about 4 months old...he is such a playful sweet guy and loves his toy, carries it everywhere and if someone comes by, he always wants to play...he is intelligent too and would be a great companion, teachable and good natured...
we went over to the rescue last evening, Don had invited us to supper...KFC and I took my camera....unfortunately the batteries died before I could get any photos of the dogs but I did mange to get one of the duck....she is a real quaker and we really like her...we thought originally we'd bring her home but it didn't work out....we did get her a nice pond to paddle in and I want to make her enclosure more duck friendly, right now there is alot of gravel there which can't be good for her feet..

she has recovered nicely from the dog attack but will never fly again sadly...she is happy though..Don has carved out a nice piece of the property for her but just doesn't have the time to work on it can see the little pond up on the top of the photo. I want to get rid of the gravel, and plant some grass...maybe just buy a few pieces of sod and lay down there...we gave
the rescue some sod from our garden project and it is growing well so it would probably do alright here too.....

There is going to be a big celebration called Woofstock