Thursday, September 10, 2009


I had another photo to post of Prince...this one is better..he's sitting on our sons lap at the Woofstock festival that they had on I said, I think I am in love with this little guy...wouldn't you be? He looks like he's smiling, huh? but we are cat people, sorry, Prince....

Did you listen to the Presidents speech last night? what you may not know is while that was going on, there was a vote on another czar....Cass Sunstein as the regulatory czar
..he believes animals should be able to sue in court...right off the Peta website for sure...he agreed with the regulations passed here in Ca to stop the water to our farmers because of a tiny smelt, putting farmers out of business and prices to rise...he doesn't believe in even killing mice and rats when they invade your house..that its cruel....guess we will have to adopt several more cats! I think cats are way more cruel than a mousetrap but maybe that's just me?
He also wants to regulate the internet...but his nomination is being held can read more about it here