Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Chat

I stitched up another candle mat yesterday.....same pattern as the first one.....plus I ordered 3 more from Primitive Stitches...she's a seller on Ebay.......I am supposed to mention her when I sell the mats.......I ordered two more Christmas patterns and one everyday one.......plus I have a harvest one that I haven't made yet.......so its stitching time again.......I will let everyone know when I list them.

Just a note...I listed the candle mat in my Inspiration shop on Etsy..if you are interested.....

Can't believe its the first day of fall....its warm here, in the low 100s...great for our tomato plants...they are really taking off but no flowers yet.......our weather usually stays warm well into October...only starts getting chilly in the evenings towards the end of that month......I did some weeding yesterday morning before it got hot.....and made a gallon of sun tea. We drink quite a bit of iced sun tea during the summers......the Teaman sent me my tea order and included some free cherry almond orange black tea and I think I will make sun tea out it...might be very tasty.

I expect you know how to make sun tea...if not...just get a large jar (we use a old gallon pickle jar) with a screw down lid...fill it with good filtered water if you have it, and put in 6 regular size tea bags..put outside in the direct sunlight for anywhere from 4 -6 hours or until the tea is the strength you like it..take the bags out and chill....easy..we like it made this way as there is no bitterness and the tannic acid is minimal.
We use a pickle jar as we found that the sun tea jars you buy with the spigot on them tend to break easily and also the spigot gets very grungy in a short time...

Alan has to work in San Diego county today and isn't too happy about it......we are praying our work will increase here in our county so he doesn't have to travel these long distances....plus the realtors he's working for are very difficult....they owe us over 2,000$ and are always late in payment..enough said.

“Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” (Romans 15:7