Thursday, September 3, 2009

A New OOAK site

Nancy Huggins has opened a new online shop and I had to let you know...she has some of the nicest one of a kind (OOAK) items. I love her pincushions. She also has market bags, placemats,
and so many other nice goodies.....soap too! This rose petal soap is wonderful and would make great little stocking stuffers this Christmas....

So please take a few minutes and check out her shop...its called Huggins Haven...and she does take special orders also.....she will be coming out with some men's soaps too....for those grubby work hands.....with the flu season coming, soap and water is the first defense....
please check out her blog also...they just moved from Illinois to southern Alabama, in a very rural area..lots of vintage homes, farms and interesting scenery...her blog is Inside Nanas Head

Its been hot and muggy here. Hurricane Jimena off the coast of Baja is sending alot of humid weather ahead of it...we are having huge thunderheads, and a few showers in different areas..none in our neck of the woods. There is talk of dry lightening storms..hope not with the fires.....We don't get hurricanes here as the ocean off shore flow protects us or it has so far.....

Did you know that about 200 years ago, Southern California was wetter than it is now? When the Spanish first settled this area, the rivers were deep enough for them to take their ships inland for a distance? I know that the San Luis Rey river in Oceanside was deep enough to float inland almost up to the Mission San Luis Rey which is a good 2 miles inland from the coast.

We would sure like to have a wet winter this year, we are into a 3 year drought. Stage two water
alert, we got a large water bill and I was looking it over, discovered they said we only had 3 people living here. I had to fill out a form and send it although Don lives at the rescue 5 days a week, he comes home, does his laundry here and washes his van....we do comply to the rules, water only at night for only 15 minutes, no run off, etc. our cars are kinda dirty too.....the woman on the phone said we were within compliance with 4 if you are over they charge you extra...they figure 60 gallons a day per person. What I couldn't understand was only use your dishwasher 3 times a week?