Saturday, February 28, 2009

I was talking about the Great Depression a few posts back and wished my family had talked more about it...if you have older family members who lived during that time..please think about recording or have them make a will mean so much to the generations....I do sell nice journal jars loaded with good questions to start someone to journaling but don't think I am trying to promote that in this post...I have a cassette tape of my grandfather talking about his early life so taping is a good option too...the older generations are fast disappearing.
I ran across a series on You Tube that is so so cool....

this sounds like such a good sounding cheap meal, especially if you have a family you are trying to keep fed and happy......she tells about life during the Depression which is very interesting as well as a good recipe.......what a treasure our older generations are!

I haven't posted much since the election, have been trying to decide how I want proceed. I read alot of conservative blogs...most are somewhat critical and a few are downright mean to the extreme. The far left and the far right are still taking potshots at each other while the rest of us look on in alarm at times....where is the common sense? Its common sense to realize that when you find yourself in a hole, you don't keep digging....the hole is so deep now, I don't know when we will be able to climb out of it......I don't think in my life time.

there is a growing movement of people protesting...its called the New Tea Party...there were over 40 protests all over American yesterday.. the Christian Science Monitor and the Washington Independent have some good photos.

I am rather confused about all the taxing changes...I know we are supposed to get a small personal simulus, what is it, something like $300 to $400 each..but then we here in California will be seeing an increased sales tax, vehicle tax, etc. as we have the highest taxes in the country.
I supposed the additional $13.00 a week tax break we are supposed to be getting will offset that, I don't know. I do know, none of it is coming very soon as they are so shorthanded in the Department of the Treasury....someone asked when we could see checks coming and they said they had no one to sign the checks....when we get our check, it will go right back to the government for taxes or on bills...we certainly won't be spending it on fun stuff.