Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week

This is a very sweet dog that really desperately needs a new home...her name is Lady and all her life she has been confined in a small 8 by 12 area, by herself and has never had enough exercise or loving treatment, she is 4 years old. A very sweet and gentle dog that would be a wonderful companion with the right family.....she has not been played with and is starving for attention...Labs are great family dogs and she certainly needs hers to come and take her home.
She is new to the rescue and I hope she won't be there too long.

Very good news...many of the dogs I've featured in past weeks have been adopted into loving homes! Thanks to all who have donated....your financial help is so always, you can see the Sun City K-9 Dog rescue link on the left side..with the vintage postcard lady and dog graphic.