Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trading is fun!

I went in on a trade with Nancy (Inside Nana's Head)....and received this wonderful raggedy runner for the spring...isn't it pretty? Love the colors and it will look so nice towards Easter time....please remember if you can to pray for Nancy as she is facing some rather scary health problems (women's issues) and also planning on moving cross country to a warmer climate.
I also have a link if you'd like to sign a petition on the stimulus bill.....this is a vote for no on the current bill and a request for a better one that will really stimulate the economy and not be loaded with pork as it is now.....stimulus bill I gave a link earlier with all the individual senators email addresses.
So much money is being talked about, its really hard to get your mind about how much 900 billion dollars is.(it is growing, when it hit the Senate, it was "only" 819 billion)..well, the other night on Huckabee, he explained it this way....with that much money, everyone, man, woman and child in American would get 1,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies! You could buy the following companies and have 30 billion dollars left over....Pepsi Co, Coca Cola, Google, AT&T, Apple Computer and Microsoft! It is more money that has ever in US or any countries history to be borrowed...and for some reason the President and the Democrats in the Senate want to rush this through without any discussion...maybe because if it sits long enough, people will began to understand.
Personally, I think they should give the money to us, the little guys....believe me, they could give every citizen $3,000 or so dollars and I know we'd spend it!
Only a few more days of the One World, One Heart blog giveaway so if you haven't looked at the other 800 blogs in the caravan, please so before its over...it ends on the 12th. I am number #112 and giving away 14 counted cross stitch patterns.