Saturday, February 7, 2009

We woke up to more rain and gray skies....still fighting a cold...we got a email to do a re keying up in a nearby city so off we went....but we were in for a nasty surprise.....

previously someone had cut this house in two making a apartment out of the garage...not up to code and the mold in the apartment was terrible...we held our breath and snapped some photos to send to the realtor, quickly replaced the locks and left...believe it or not, this was the best of the photos...the others are all worse. The bank will have to have a service come in and try to clean this but as its through the drywall, they will probably have to dismantle the apartment and return it to a garage again. Will cost big bucks, this is a Fannie Mae property. But its in a good neighborhood and worth perhaps repairing...I don't know and am glad I don't have to deal with it.
We were really glad to get out of there! Came home and disinfected our clothes, and selves, phew!
I see that the Senate is about ready to vote on the bill....the Democratic Senators remind me of this

They've carefully worded some of the pork to make it sound "not like earmarks" for example, they have a insurance exemption for companies workers who make yacht's, military projects in Guam, and $198 million for WWII Filipino veterans most of who don't live in the USA. These may be at closer examination worthy but this bill is supposed to stimulate our economy.
I always remember that old saying, "Act in haste, repent in leisure"