Monday, February 23, 2009


I usually promote my stores on my other blog, but Blogger has been fussy for me today....I went to the local thrift store and got the mother lode of vintage crochet books and pamphlets...our local thrift shop uses all its proceeds to help the unemployed and people struggling so everything goes to a good cause. I also found a piece of depression glass, a candle stick (Queen Mary) but as it really needs its mate, I will start looking for one.....I've had good luck finding mates to glass pieces here at estate sales.
This is a similar one I found for sale on Ebay, not the greatest photo but its very art deco, isn't it?
According to my Depression glass guide, a set of crystal set like this is valued at $30.00. If I can find the mate, I might just keep them. I dearly love depression glass and have a good sized collection, some of which is stored as I just have nowhere to display them. My china cabinet is full...we've been on the lookout for a sideboard or dresser for the dining room.
But anyway, I listed all the crochet/knit books in my dani1951 shop so check them out..especially if you like to crochet or knit...there are many afghan patterns, alot of classics plus a shawl, cape, wrap booklet, and a crocheted tops booklet...all vintage and collectible on their own.
later this week when the estate sales start, I will see what else I can find....sometimes nothing but alot of times something, if you know what I mean...wish I knew someone who would like to go with me as its more fun....
Bible Gateway, the online Bible reading program I am always talking about, is having a special Lent reading program you can sign up for....I will post the will cover all 4 Gospels in 40 days, 2-3 chapters a day with Sunday being a catch up is the link if you'd like to sign up.....Bible Reading Program if you are not familiar with Bible Gateway, look at the bottom of this blog for more information. You can also hear the Bible on the left side of the blog, just click on the tiny speaker after the scripture.
My dear friend, Kay called the other day and we were talking about how after over 35 years the Bible is still exciting and fresh as ever..there is hidden jewels among the pages and the words sometimes leap off the paper (not literally of course)
We rented the movie "Fireproof" over the weekend and highly recommend it...even our 17 year old got something out of it...wonderful movie. How many of you have seen it?