Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday Pet of the Week

In lieu of my normal pet of the week, I am posting about our cat.
We have had our 9 year old cat Boots at the vet for two days..we noticed he was not eating and getting thin..turns out his kidneys are failing...he is on a special diet now and looking a little better..eating again...the vet says the next few days will tell...he's a great cat and our whole family is feeling sad as this illness won't get better, all we can do is put it off for awhile.....he is a member of the family and greatly loved..the boys are taking turns keeping him in their rooms at night so he won't be alone if the end comes and so far he is doing ok. Today he is acting like himself, eating, drinking and padding around, checking things out. He is asleep on our bed right now....
Our other cat, Smokie, won't have anything to do with him since he got back from the vet...he hisses if Boots comes close...evidently Boots smells "funny" to Smokie...cats are odd creatures sometimes...usually they are best buddies....sleeping together and cleaning each other...I hope he gets over this soon as I know Boots wants his friend back.
This happened once before when our son decided to give Boots a bath...the soap gave him a "funny" smell and it took 2 days before Smokie calmed down....

Here is another vintage postcard..

My youngest is going to the beach with a friend and his family....must be nice...its alot cooler there.

I finished the second pillowcase, washed and ironed both of them...Did other ironing also...I ironed this tablecloth and wanted to share.. I won on this on Ebay....its cross stitched and lovely..

Its one of my favorites. I really like the colors and the handwork is expertly done. I especially like how she finished the border with not only embroidery but crochet work too. If you click on the photo, you will get a very good close up of the nice handiwork.