Monday, July 14, 2008

Previews of Our Square Foot Gardening

We've been talking about making square foot gardening boxes to put out on our large covered patio.....this last week, someone gave us these heavy duty galvanized we put them
together over the weekend....on the square foot gardening website, they talk about using something like this and putting ammo boxes on them to plant in.....he talks about ammo boxes under his column link..
here is the link if you are interested
its a really interesting site and well worth the read. I looked online this weekend and found the closest army supply store which is about 20 mile north of us....neither of us know how much the ammo boxes are, yet....
I will let you know as this progresses and as the Lord provides....
we both think this is our best bet for growing successful vegetables ...the ground is too poor and rocky, we found that out our first year here...our patio is covered with shade cloth and keeps out the hot sun by 70%...we've been growing strawberries under the shade cloth very successfully and they are still producing in 100 degree heat....
If this recession we are in keeps progressing, more people will probably try to grow their own vegetables and square foot gardening is the way to go, I least check it out ..he says on the website that you can grow more vegetables this way in less space which is great for city dwellers....time will tell in our experiment.
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