Thursday, July 10, 2008

Have you been doing any shopping lately? Wow! We've had to change our shopping more going to the big fancy grocery stores with their high overhead fancy deli's, etc. Nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to shop there.

I don't know if this will help you but this is what we have done to save grocery money....first, we shop at Dollar Tree for most cleaning supplies...they sell name brand liquid soap dispensers for the bathrooms, excellent degreaser, bathroom cleaning products, toothpaste, etc. for (as if you didn't know) a dollar....Alan shopped there yesterday and bought enough cleaning products and toothpaste for 6 months and only paid $24.

Second, we shop Costco for all staples like flour, rice, canned goods like refried beans, and vegetables, and meat..mostly hamburger and chicken. We buy in bulk, wrap the meat well and store the canned goods in a cabinet in the garage. I get the large 25 lb. bags of flour and keep it in the outside freezer..fill up my kitchen canister as I need it. The last time we did this was two months ago and we still have enough for another it was about $200 for 3 months.

I make my own laundry soap unless there is a very good sale and wash early in the morning to save energy.

For other grocery shopping, fresh fruit, vegetables, and bulk items like popcorn or raisins, we shop Winco.....they have the best prices in our area......avocados are .48 cents each, lettuce is under .98...tomatoes on the vine, 1.98..bananas under .50 lb. most cereals are $2.00 a brand good quality bread is around $1.89 a loaf......their seasonal fruit is very good and at low prices..navel oranges were only .10 cents lb. You have to bag your own groceries but I come out with a smile and have fun shopping there...

We are still planning on growing more of our own vegetables.....just been too busy to build the raised beds yet and its too hot right now to plant...we have been enjoying the fruit from our trees.....the nectarines were so good, they are gone now and the peaches are about ripe..figs will be next and then the apples this fall...

We share with the neighbors and they with us....Donny came home last night with a bag of summer squash and another of tiny apricots...
We go to the fast food places seldom and its a treat. Soda is a treat too, not an every day drink. We drink mainly water, iced sun tea, milk and the boys still like Kool Aid.

The Lord is so good and we want to be good stewards with the money He gives us.
Please share how you've learned to save money in these hard times..I realize there probably isn't a Winco by you, however is there a farmers market? What do you do?