Friday, July 25, 2008

...Noah's Ark Opens In SCHAGEN, Netherlands

Of course, it's only a replica of the biblical Ark, built by Dutch creationist, Johan Huibers as a testament of his faith in the truth of the Bible.
Its two thirds the length of a football field (150 cubits) and as high as a three story house (30 cubits).
The builder is a contractor by trade and he built it out of cedar and pine..he built most of it himself by hand with help from his son, Roy and started it in 2005.
Life size models of animals are on the main hold and he plans a petting zoo on the uncovered top that isn't finished yet...
Visitors on the first day were stunned on how large it was...
There is enough seating in the keel for 150 seats and they plan on having film theater so kids can watch a video that tells the story of Noah.
Huibers hopes the project will renew interest in Christianity in the Netherlands where church attendance has fallen in the last 50 years.
There are more photos, and a great story here about Johan Huibers...