Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday Book Review

I thought every Saturday I would describe one of the pattern books in my store...the store layout doesn't give any room for additional information. All of my pattern books are in new condition.
This book is by Marie Barber and was published in 1999. It has general instructions on how to choose the right fabric, and needles..what type of floss to use, the way to insert beads, and how to clean the finished piece. What I like about this book is that it shows one pattern made in different ways by changing colors, and varying flosses. If you are a new stitcher, it shows basic
stitches and has a good stitch guide that is easy to read.
The designs are faith filled and lovely....many are appropriate for not only greeting cards but full samplers....

It has many designs that make nice greeting cards and can be made in a short time for a fun gift.
The patterns are charted in color which really helps, especially if you haven't done much cross
stitching. I have used several patterns in this book but have decided to part with it as I just have too many books!

Boots seems to be his old self and eating well again...we prayed for him and are making sure he eats the food the vet sent home...he didn't like it very well to begin with but is getting adjusted.
I think he is a cat with 9 lives...about 5 years ago, he almost died from a urinary tract infection.
The other cat, Smokie has decided Boots is alright so he has settled down and the household is at peace once again.
Smokie got a scare yesterday, I had the front door open with the screen locked, Smokie was dozing at the doorway when a large dog rushed the door, barking and growling...the dog actually slammed up against the screen door..Smokie immediately went into big scary cat mode...and his fur didn't lay back down for a good 10 minutes after I chased the dog away. They were both spooked last night with the sounds of fireworks..
The boys stayed close to home, as there were no official fireworks anywhere close....but some of the neighbors were shooting some bottle rockets down the block....we have a strict fire code here but it doesn't stop people..I think they may get them from Mexico as no one sells any here....
We watched fireworks on TV, they had some nice ones from the LA area...
I hope everyone had a nice 4th!