Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wednesday Pet of the Week

Introducing Tommy, a small mixed breed little guy found wandering the streets in a nearby city.
I think he is a cutie, don't you? Looking at his ears, he reminds me of a Papillon. Just a guess but he might be part Papillon and Chihuahua...he's about 4 months old according to the vet and in excellent health, friendly and sweet...you can find Tommy and his friends at the Sun City K-9 Dog rescue...if you do call, be sure to mention you heard about Tommy through Eagles Wings and say hi to my son, Donny who answers the phone...the link is on the left of the blog.

I've had trouble getting a connectionyesterday onto the Internet.......I did connection checks and Windows says all is ok but it wasn't...took me until noon to get online. I think everyone can relate to that..computer problems can be frustrating.

We haven't done any more work on the square ft. gardening yet....perhaps this weekend if he isn't busy, we can buzz up to the army surplus store and see about the ammo boxes...its too hot to plant anything right now anyway..but we want to get it started in ernest by late summer or early fall. We can plant lettuce then as our winters don't really start until December or January.

I spent the morning doing housework, and then organizing my recipes...yesterday, I tend to print them out or scribble them down on a piece of scratch paper,and had quite a pile...I found our recent favorites and printed them neatly on recipe cards and put them in my file....also answered several locksmith calls....
I usually read my scripture in the mornings online, and not having the internet threw me off...not a good thing and showed me how too dependent I am on technology. Also how much I am on a schedule which is a mixed bag..a blessing and a curse. The Lord is telling me to get quiet and dig into the Word on my own as well as do the daily reading.....
Wishing everyone a terrific Wednesday...please continue to pray for Cora as she will be starting chemo treatments soon....
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