Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Monday

Good morning! I slept in a little this morning as the boys got home really late from Magic Mountain.....its a two hour drive each way and they stayed until closing (10:00), drove back and got something to eat at 12:30 in the morning....didn't get in the house until 1 a.m. I wasn't too worried (much) as they did call....Matt said he was glad we were still up as it made him feel good.
They both have cell phones and we let them drive our car, not Donny's rattletrap truck. He's a good driver. He also gave me a tank of gas. They said Magic Mountain was fun but there were 1-2 hour waits to get on the rides...Donny broke down (hes a real tightwad) and bought them both fast track passes to get ahead of everyone so that helped.
Magic Mountain isn't our thing...not any rides old Mom and Dad want to tackle...we prefer Disneyland and Universal Studios...did you know I was one of the early early visitors to Disneyland when it opened in 1956? I have a photo somewhere of me standing in front of the cigar store Indian on main street at 5 years old. When the kids were little, we had year passes to Disneyland...the year of the Lion King, they had the most fantastic parade, I've ever seen..Donny ran out into the parade (he was about 9 or 10) and danced with some of the characters.

We both miss those days when the boys were little....cub scouts, school voluntering, soccer and Little League, Sunday school, the golden time of parenthood....Alan coached both soccer and a Little League team for almost 6 years....I was a volunteer in the classroom for 5 years too and even won a volunteer of the year pin two years running.
Matt turned 17 today...its his birthday!
I am going to bake a cake, cherry chip...and although we don't have much to give him, will try to have a nice day today....his big trip was yesterday....