Sunday, July 6, 2008

I am again sharing with you vintage photos...this lovely Victorian lady has such a beautiful and detailed dress trimmed with fresh flowers...and much of it was hand done.....that kind of workmanship is not seen today.

Boots continues to improve...he is eating well again and his coat is looking better. He was so ill he wasn't cleaning himself. We are being very strict as far as his food goes....he always wants treats and kitchen trimmings...I can't blame him...a bowl of dry food doesn't look or smell as good as fresh fish or meat trimmings. We have to keep the counters cleaned off and not leave anything out where he can get it...and throw the trash out right away after supper.

He is the most affectionate and loving cat..he likes to sit right by the keyboard and watch me type, purring. He especially liked me to do my embroidery, he gets on my lap under the hoop and watched the needle go in and out of the fabric...another of his favorites is while I am making up our bed, he gets under the covers. Sometimes I think he tries to send me thought messages...he gets my attention by sitting quietly at my feet, staring at me..and I will get a picture in my mind of a full water bowl or an open door....I don't know if that is possible scientifically but it does happen. I am sure if you have a pet you are close to..something similar has happened to you too.

We had tillipia fish tonight, I fried it in olive and canola oil, breaded it lightly with cornmeal and flour...we had hash brown potatoes with the fish, green beans, a salad of avocados and tomatoes.
We get avocados fairly cheap here, at 40 cents each and have them quite often.