Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sale now open and more!

I have opened my booth a little early for the Christmas in July sale....the main sale starts at 12:00 noon central time....please check out all the great booths, many primitive style handmade items, candles, e patterns, antiques, clocks, and more...there is also a chat room with games and prizes.
To go to my booth, just click on the EZ shoppe logo at the left...when you want to see the different booths, or the chat room, there is a directory link at the top of my store banner.
What a nice way to spend the hot afternoon, strolling through the sale in the comfort of your crowds, confusion or parking problems...get your holiday shopping done early or in my booth, get a pattern to start making that special gift.


I usually have a Wednesday Dog of the Week but because of the sale, I am going to report on some of the dogs that I have posted in the past...
Glad to report that Tommy has been adopted! Elvis, Teeny, Rusty, Ben, Tornado and Squeaky have not.
A few of the other dogs that I have not featured were adopted also including Lulu who is pretty white small poodle...if you are curious about the ones I've mentioned, just scroll back through the posts for their photos or click on the Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue link. They also take donations through Paypal and are a nonprofit organization so you get tax benefits. No worries, the rescue is a nokill shelter, so the dogs have a safe clean place to wait. But no matter how good the shelter is, its not home.