Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday evening

Hello, been such a busy busy day today, didn't have time to post earlier...I had to pick up our youngest son at a friends house down in Oceanside, early this morning at 7:00 a.m. then drive back and go with Alan to two jobs, one was just installing smoke decectors and one was a condo re key. Then we drove up to another city to put a key in a lockbox at a foreclosed house. Early this evening, he got a embarrassed call from a young man who locked himself out of his house.

Alan drove me out through some of the very rural areas...he knew I liked old country roads so he found some! Wow, talk about getting bumped was a dirt/gravel road and the van really shaked, rattled and was fun! You may not think that Southern California has country areas but we do, quite a few in fact. Most of our population is on the coast. We even saw corn fields, farms with windmills, horses and cows.
Because of the housing crisis, builders have stopped constructing new homes and much of the land they graded is abandoned...frankly, I am glad. Too much of our countryside has been eaten up for greedy profit.

I am tired this evening....all the bumping in the van always makes me tired...I don't know how he does it, he always has lots of energy......he said he prayed earlier this week as our business tends to be hit and miss, and asked the Lord for more regular work so we can pay our bills on time...God really answered his prayer...the phone rang off the hook and he's had more work than ever...I had to turn 3 people down as he just couldn't fit them into his schedule. That has never happened before...we also got some back pay from the real estate company who owes us....God is so good!