Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One of our road trips...Santa Ysabel and Ramona

Thought I would fill you in on some of the trips we've taken..this one was especially nice..we got a call to re key a condo in Ramona, Ca...a new owner was moving it was a happy job. as this area is one of our favorites, we decided to make it a fun drive...Santa Ysabel is a small mountain town, not too far from Ramona, Ca and is one of the Mission towns....driving up into the hills is very pretty..lots of orange and avocado groves, Indian reservations, and country roads..

On the weekends, this two lane road is VERY busy...its also a popular drive with the motorcycle crowd.but as we went during the week..traffic was very fact, we saw few cars...made it a pleasant trip...

In Santa Ysabel..we stopped at the Julian Pie apple pies we've ever had (except homemade of course) and Alan bought me a cute denim apron ..its there on the says..American as Apple Pie..I just love it...

then we went next door to the Apple Country Restaurant for lunch..

If you are hankering for a fresh apple can order Julian pies through their website....they have several types...regular apple,Dutch apple, natural apple (no sugar..its what we get),  many sugar free varieties and more.....Julian Pie Company
Alan ordered a slice at the Apple Country restaurant..

and no, I don't get anything for advertising the pies...I just like to share when I find something so good and tasty....

we sometimes get them frozen and ready to cook....other times, we can't wait and get the fresh cooked ones....

It took us a time to find the condo..the Tom Tom told us a odd way to go which involved switch backs, and a round about way to get there so after a short time, we decided to go with our Google map instead.....which led us to the right place...the condo was a older one but very cute...upstairs with mountains views and quiet....would be a wonderful hideaway place for the weekends or so we are a few photos of the inside
we both liked the spiral staircase
and the living room was great, with a large window  with a balcony next to the fireplace, open rafters and 3 bedrooms upstairs..every room had mountain views..

it was a fun day and we hope to get back up there soon....its about a hour drive from the fall, Julian has a Apple Days festival which is always very neither of us like crowds, we tend to go in the off season.