Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Canning and a Surrey!

Nancy, Huggins Haven is selling this wonderful little surrey ......if you are interested, please check it out
This is so cute and restored would be a real treasure....I didn't know these things even existed until this morning...I read that Art Linkletter promoted them in the 1950s..so cute! as a kid, I would have loved this...
Here is a photo of one fully restored..

Here is the second part of the canning series, explaining the two types of canners...right now I just have the water bath one which we bought at Walmart to replace the one that was lost in the fire.....we haven't replaced the pressure canner, I am not sure if it was ruined or not..the seal is probably compromised.....not all Walmarts carry water bath canners...we had to go to 3 before we found one...alot of the employees didn't know what we were talking about.....
the new pressure canners are not as scary as the old ones....you can do so much with them and once you understand how they work, its not difficult.....its nice to can homemade meat spaghetti sauce which is nice for not only spaghetti but chili too....in fact, you can store  your own homemade chili this way too!
I am going to can more tomatoes today..have about 4 gallons but they cook down...tomatoes use the waterbath canning method and you add a little acid to each jar with the tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar..modern tomatoes are not as acid as the older varieties and need the acid to keep them fresh and the color good....protects the tomatoes against spoilage.....its nice to add your favorite herbs to the jars too..basil is nice and a few garlic cloves.
canned (or bottled if you are English) food lasts indefinitely...but is better used within a year or so..my kids asked me if the jars would last as long as the peaches did in the movie, "Holes" ...its questionable..I wouldn't want to eat 100 year old jars of peaches, would you? but they did and called it "Smoosh"