Thursday, July 22, 2010

Early Harvest

I got 4 qts. of pureed tomatoes, and one qt. of tomato juice done yesterday..the first of our tomato canning......
plus froze 3 quarts of corn...the corn is small but very sweet and good....this has been a good year for the garden.....
the figs are starting to ripen also...I found 2 fig jam type recipes in my old book...Fig-Citrus Jam and a Fig Lemon Conserve with preserved ginger...they both sound the book tell how to can them so its a good to go as soon as enough ripen..the tree is loaded!
All the peaches are gone...safely canned and put away for later...right now I have to just put them in boxes as the garage isn't done...nowhere else to store them..7 qts. and 7 pints...we did have a large cabinet for our canned items....Alan's been talking about getting a small shed for our canning and food storage....I remember my grandmas...she had a larder in the basement of their house...shelves lined with wonderful canned things.....and in the floor, a trap door for cold storage....

if you are canning and need some labels for your is a site with free vintage labels on a pdf can fill in your titles too...vintage handcrafted product labels
you just print these out using label paper.....another site has a few free labels with a more country design
free country labels

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