Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Cooking

Another warm day.....it's been triple digits all week....we'd like to get out and go through the garden but its just too hot to do much work.....have been harvesting alot of tomatoes though....so good...the kids can't believe how tasty they are...I've been giving our oldest son, a bag to take back to the dog rescue as he loves them so.....next year, we might just plant tomatoes and forget everything else...so worth it.....and it would be great to have enough to can a few quarts. I've been picking the larger tomatoes a little early and bringing them in to ripen as the birds and squirrels will take a bite or two otherwise.
We are starting to harvest figs too...the tree is loaded!

Summer cooking is easy for us......last night we went grocery shopping and picked up some of those deli sandwiches....we got two 12" ones for only 3.99 each, then remade them at home..adding our own cheese, sliced tomatoes and avocado...they were better than Subway.
Today it will be the crockpot, Chicken Parmesan....and a big salad.
I either use the crockpot, the grill or cold foods during this season..too hot to heat up the oven.
You probably do the same.....we make 3 bean salad, etc. too and cold whole meal salads...I am fond of salmon macaroni salad...or tuna with sliced tomato and avocado....and we do eat alot of cottage cheese with pineapple or other canned/fresh fruit.
we make tons of sun tea and lemonade....we are all trying to get out of the habit of soda...Don makes sun tea now at work outside his trailer...he says he drinks a gallon a day!
What summer delights do you make?