Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week

Introducing Monty, a pure bred Miniature Schnauzer...he is a mellow fellow, a senior in dog years at 8 years old....a great gentleman, with good manners, he is completely house worthy, and will sit at the door waiting to do his well trained,he dearly loves other dogs, cats and children...a real sweet guy for the right person or family......his eyes look so hopeful, don't they? His former owner had to go into a nursing see Monty in person, please visit the Sun City K-9 Rescue or check out their website for more information.....

Alan and I visited the dog rescue yesterday, and were impressed at all the work that is being done.....Don even has a little area fixed for the poultry he has rescued.....he now has a little white silky chick as well as the duck.....its so cute, the chick thinks the duck is her mom and follows everywhere, trying to hide under her at times..and the female duck thinks the chick is a duckling and is tolerating the its a win/win for both of them...Don has a nice area set aside and is put in the pool we found for the duck........he wants to build up the area and put in some grass. I just hope the duck doesn't try to teach the silky to swim!