Monday, July 27, 2009

1911 Tragedy

This is one of the photos I was able to rescue from my grandfathers photo a 12 year old, I realized how special these old photos were..Grandpa was so protective of them...he only let my mom and I take a few.......later, after he passed away, other relatives took the box and gave it to charity, thinking no one wanted them...(sigh)
I was drawn to this little tintype of this lady...and the writing on the says, "The picture belonged to Frank Hunt, his mothers picture. He died the 7th of November1911 from a fall at the ice house, west end of Ottumwa Ia. He lived about 3 minutes after the fall. H.A.W. I remember my grandfather saying that they found the photo in his pocket.

for a long time, this sat in a photo box, until I got interested in the family make a long story short, I found out that Frank Hunt's full name was Charles Franklin Hunt. His sister, Laura Ann was my greatgrandmother! so the lady in the tintype would be my great great grandmother Perthinia Reddin. From her clothing, it looks like sometime during the Civil War era and she looks like she's had a hard life. I don't know too much about her other than she and my great grandfather Enoch Hunt had 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls.
but I wondered who as the mysterious H.A.W so signed the back of the photo? turns out to be my great grandfather..Henry A. Wagner..who with two of his brothers imigrated to the United States after the Civil War and settled in the Ottumwa Ia area as is a photo of Henry Wagner and my grandmother, Franks sister, Laura Ann.
as you can tell, they were farmers, (Grandpa's shoes)......tragedy occurred when Grandma fell into an icy river and was severely injured in 1917. She died a few days later. Grandpa lived until 1937.
I would encourage you to explore your family history...its fun and so interesting....everyone has a story to tell...everyone....