Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week - Ruth

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Ruth...a young mixed breed German Shepherd..she likes nothing better than to please, is submissive and very sweet...loves children and adults....everyone who meets her falls in love with her personality..she is healthy and up to date with her shots, waiting for her forever family and will make a wonderful companion. You can find Ruth and many other great dogs at the Sun City K-9 Rescue..the link is on the left side......
Don has been very busy at the rescue, people have been calling from other states to adopt and offering to driving long distances.....please check your local rescues as there are many wonderful dogs waiting for homes in your own can also sponsor one of our dogs until he or she finds her family..they accept Paypal and just mark your donations for the specific dog you wish to sponsor.

We were really busy yesterday, had one house to do and then we finished getting the tires on the van....feel alot safer now.....we've also been working on organizing the computer room/home office...and found a old file cabinet in the abandoned house..we okayed taking it with the agent. Alan plans on sanding it down, and repainting it. Its a 4 drawer cabinet and will be so useful in organizing the paperwork..right now we have everything in plastic boxes..we are on the lookout for a small table or desk of some kind also.......when you own your own small business, any way to save money is a good thing.
We also found a large box of ceramic dog dishes for the rescue...why someone would have 20 small white dog dishes is a mystery but the rescue will benefit.
I am adding on as we went out and did 6 jobs today...both of us are bushed but feel good....we found a nice small pond for Don's duck he has at the rescue and I know he will be pleased to get it.
If you are reading this and are in our area of California, we have found a wonderful piece of property at a bargain price......just passing on the word...if you've always wanted a small farmstead, we know of a 5 acre piece of property out side of town but still close, with a mobile home on it (not in great shape but fixable), a barn, and animal pens...for the low price of only $130,00. The homes around it are nice and it would be a wonderful investment as well as a great place to perhaps do some small farming or have a horse or two. It will take some work as there is alot of debris from the previous owners but well worth it. |email me if you are interested and I will give you the name of the agent....