Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday thoughts

Lazy summer afternoons....we've had a fairly cool summer so far...its been very nice actually....its usually in the high 90s and 100s...this year its been in the mid 90s and some days its actually cooler.....from what I have read, the earth has been cooling the last 11 years.

My son and I went to the local thrift shop and I found several very ancient books..the oldest is over 100 years old!

It was published in 1904. This one is in rough condition..the binding is coming apart..but the illustrations are so cool..I am going to put this in my Inspiration shop and hopefully, someone who does altered art might be able to do something with the is one of my favorite ones...

I also found a very old copy of a Zane Grey western....1909...

Its is good condition, considering its 100 years old....the binding is good, the cover is worn but quite readable...little foxing.....I am going to look into its value as I think it might be a first edition.
Its always fun going to this thrift shop....all the proceeds go to feed the hungry so its all for a good cause...Matt found some fun things, a pair of new slippers shaped like fish ...he likes quirky things and a Bubba Gump beer glass as he likes all things Gump. I wish you could hear him talk like Forrest...its quite remarkable.....

Our business has slowed down the last two days, kinda nice to have a break...always paperwork to do....and gardening, and housework...I worked in the front this morning, sweeping and cleaning out the Purple fountain grass, dead foliage from last springs freeze....they look alot better....after I swept, Matt hosed it down so the sidewalk and little seating area looks clean now..we get so much wind, lots of leaves and debris from the street finds its way in there.
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