Friday, July 31, 2009

Garage sale preparation

We found out about 3 weeks ago that our neighborhood was having a block I've been going through things.

Don brought a truck load of dog food, treats, litter and assorted other doggie stuff.....the rescue gets more donations than they can really use..he has an agreement with all the local markets and Target for their broken bags and such...the stores can't sell them and the dogs don't know the difference. The money of course, will go to the rescue....

The closed boxes in the background are name brand dog jerky treats.....there are 6 bags in a box and normally each bag is around $5 at the pet store..we are selling them for only $2.00 a bag..these are sealed bags, not broken. A entire box of 6 will go for $5.00...eventually Don plans on selling these and more dog items on the rescue website....

We've also found alot of abandoned property at foreclosed houses...mostly tools so they will be for sale too........and a few odds and ends I no longer want.
When we lived in our former home, I held a community garage sale twice a year and had sign ups for all the condo was kinda fun and a good way to meet neighbors..always came up a little ahead.

I've been reading Glen Beck's Common Sense book...He makes perfect sense and I highly recommend it for anyone to read, regardless of political persuasion...this message is for all Americans.....
here is just one excerpt..
"Is common sense completely dead in America today? Did intellectual honesty have a moonlight clause? We don't have a shortage of capital or liquidity in this country; we have a shortage of honesty and trust. Where are the Americans who will stop talking about the President and the parties and instead start talking about right and wrong? Where are those who will stand up and say, "Common sense still lives in my house and it's about time its applied again in Washington?"
Chapter I, The Reshaping and Redefining of America.

I think people are waking up...I hope its not too late....many of our representatives are coming home right now and getting quite a earful of protest..even the President wasn't is what he got when he went to the townhall meeting in Raleigh, N.C this week

I just don't have much faith they are listening....
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