Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Another warm day but not as warm as the day we had yesterday....we went to Palm Springs....and right now don't have AC in the van....phew.....Palm Springs in July is smoking hot....I am not sure how warm it was, but when we left at 6:00 in the evening, we saw a bank sign that read 115 degrees.......dry yes but still not what we are used to.....here are a few photos of the trip up and I even got a shot of some sand dunes that are outside of town....

On the way up, we drove by Lake Mathews..a manmade lake......

More mountains and one lone cloud......this is coming into Banning, outside of Palm Springs
Mt. San Jacinto and the famous Palm Springs windmills...there is always alot of wind through the valley.....

Foothills of the San Jacinto Mountains...very hot and dry...lots of sand

These are the types of desert trees you can see occasionally, shaped by the wind.

Here are the sand dunes I spoke about, there were more but I only was able to catch this much as we drove by....too hot to stop......It would be fun to explore in the winter..they plant trees to keep the sand from drifting on the railroad tracks that are on the other side of that stand of trees.....I don't know what kind they are, but they must be very drought resistant.

The AC in the van is broken, he took it in and they tested it...there is a hole in the condenser, just a pinhole but enough to keep it from working......we don't want to drive anywhere like Palm Springs again until we get it fixed.......when we got to the condo for the re key, I felt very sick..weak, headache, and nausea...felt awful..thank the Lord, the electricity was on, so I cranked up the AC in the unit and stood under the vent in the kitchen....the fridge was on so I opened it up..and stood in front of it......by the time we left, I felt much better...just not used to that type of heat ..the heat didn't seem to effect Alan..surprisingly. We then got some dinner, in a nice cool Rubios (fish tacos of course)..we normally use very little electricity if we do find it on but this was a health emergency of a sort...and I made sure the AC was off when we left.....and we were glad to get home where it was a "cool" 90 degrees.