Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week

I'd like you to meet Angel Baby....her owner could no longer take care of her...she's been groomed and pampered her whole life, is a lap indoor dog. Very sweet, is good with other dogs and tolerates cats. She likes older children and adults.
Those of you coming from the One World blog..every Wednesday I post a rescued dog from the Sun City K-9 Dog rescue where my son works full time. The rescue is the only no kill center in the Menifee valley. To find out more and see Angel Baby's friends, just click on the previous link.
They also take donations through Paypal. All donation are tax deductible and go towards food, vet bills, and dog care. If you could, please vote for the rescue on the link at the left hand side at the top of the obligation on your part but every vote counts towards cash rewards for the rescue.
The rescue was started by a remarkable woman, Elizabeth Mardin who is now almost 90 years can read about her story on the dog rescue site.