Friday, January 2, 2009

I rather hate to bring up the subject as its so repugnant but the news needs to get out.....
as you all know if you've listened to the news or read the paper....Hamas had been bombing southern Israel for some time, then there was a 6 month seize fire, but instead of working towards peace, Hamas just used it as a time to gather greater weapons and as soon as the seize fire ended they started again with the bombs....and targeted Israel day care centers.
Israel has retaliated as they have ever right in order to defend themselves....but are getting heavily criticized by some who do not understand what is really going on...
There is more...
Hama's legislators, at Christmas, passed a Shari'a law that legalizes crucifixion for all enemies of Islam...they are bringing back 15th century laws for punishment, including chopping off of hands for theft, 40 lashes for selling wine, etc.
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anyone who still thinks that Islam is a peaceful religion ?