Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday evening

I usually post about every day but today we started out early.....Rekeyed a house over in Wildomar, south of Lake Elsinore...very nice house up against the mountains and very quiet....sometimes I think it would be nice to have a bigger house like one of these but at our age, smaller is better....our house is about 1600 sq. ft which is big enough....most of the homes we re key are in the 2,000-5,000 range..I helped Alan rekey one last week that had 18 locks! 14 of them were for exterior that is big house! It was 3 stories and had a exercise room on the top floor.
As I was in the bedroom a few moments ago, I heard a rumbling noise and suddenly the floor and walls shook...earthquake! We are watching the news now and it was a 5.0 north of us. No damage here but 5.0 is a fairly strong shake.
Alan didn't have but one job yesterday so together we moved the furniture around in our bedroom, did a lot of vacuuming and straightening. I took all the blue plates off the wall as they didn't fit the new bed alignment...have to decide how to arrange them now above the bed...they were my mothers and I added a few over the years...I will take a photo when they up again. I did want to share my mom's baby doll buggy.....I refurbished it as she had it out in a shed.

I think you may have saw it in a previous post at Christmas time when I lined it with red fabric but this is where it usually is.....the baby quilt was one I found at an estate sale and the little doll was one I gave to my mom years ago...she has a porcelain head and cloth body. The pink rose painting is one that was done for my mom years ago too and I may put it in the store as it doesn't have the best of memories for was with her in the assistant living home..its unusual as its round and very pretty.
I got two of the redwork tea towels done for a order and am working on the third....the transfer pattern is rather complicated and is taking a little longer than I thought but its fun.
Hope everyone has a pleasant evening and sleeps well.....good night!