Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday afternoon sharing

This vase I found at an estate sale....I had a similar one that got broken in our move...the doily is one of my favorites, my grandmothers work...its large and pineapples.

This vase is so pretty and the doily my grandmother crocheted...its very fine work...

Lazy Sunday afternoon....wanted to post some of the glass ware I've collected and inherited....just joined a Flicker Depression glass group....the candle sticks I found at an estate sale...I found a matching plate too...the candle dish was inherited...and is very heavy...I think its crystal...sorry the flash made the bobbles look white but its just the reflection...the pretty green doily I found on Ebay. There are so many estate sales , you can pick up glass and crystal pieces fairly cheaply as its not very popular ...I think the large vase in the top photo, I paid $5.00.
I've inherited so much and collected so much, a lot of it is packed away....guess I need another display cabinet!
Its a cool day the 50s....and overcast. We had some sprinkles yesterday but no real rain....I've been walking every day and trying to lose 5 lbs. a month...I figure by the end of the year if I am successful, I will be where I should be...we need to get out and do some winter gardening.....trim back our roses and get ready for the spring.

Donny wanted me to post this kitten photo....although they are mainly a dog rescue...lately people have been dropping off cats over the fence....he's a cute kitten and rather tiny....I would adopt him but Alan draws the line at two...