Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Road Trip

This is the house we re keyed yesterday in Norco, north of Corona, Ca...very nice house, well maintained but we did find a surprise in the backyard
This poor little female Chihuahua...look at how concerned she looks from her eyes...we let her in the empty house and she ran from room to room looking for her family...crying at the closed doors...of course, we both felt really sad for time went by, she stayed right by my side and wanted to come home with us but we had other jobs to go to and couldn't take her. I went to a neighbor and they agreed to feed and water her. The teenage boy came over and gave her a big pan of dog food and water. We left the side gate unlocked so he could get in but she had no shelter in the backyard...I cannot believe people can be so cold towards their animals. Another neighbor had the previous owners cell phone and called them so I hope they came for her. We also called the realtor who had the property so did the best we could. Alan and I still were thinking about her this morning and wondering how she was. We had heard about people leaving behind pets but this is the first time we had encountered it ourselves. No food, no water, no shelter, can you believe it? It got down to freezing last night too. This still bothers me, its heartbreaking.