Thursday, January 15, 2009

One book that stands out more than others is Pilgrims Progress......if I was stranded on a desert island and could only take 2 books with me...I would take a copy of the New King James bible and Pilgrims Progress. I think I have read it (PP)about 5 times and each time got something new.

It was written in John Bunyan in a dirty prison cell 35o years ago from a dream he had. It was published in 1678 and is one of the most famous Christian writings. Its an allegory.
The copy you see above is one we picked up in London at a book fair. Its very old, worn and well used, published in 1860 and has engravings.

Above is Christian with his burden and the Evangelist.

Temptation in Vanity Fair.

I would suggest if you decide to read it to get a modern translation as its a little difficult reading the old English. Amazon has a nice copy for a good price that is easy to read and you don't get bogged down. You can find it online too in the old English for free here
It starts out-
"As I was walking through the wilderness of this world, I came to a place where there was a cave. I laid down in the place to sleep and as I slept, I had a dream in which I saw a man dressed in rags standing at a certain place and facing away from his house. He had a great Book in his hand and a burden on his back. As I looked, I saw him open the Book and as he read he wept and trembled. Unable to contain himself any longer, he broke out in a sorrowful cry, "What shall I do?"
I discovered Pilgrims in high school and did my high school senior English essay comparing the Progress with Dante's Inferno (Divine Comedy) which is another interesting allegory about the different levels of hell. Dante was an Italian writer who wrote this in 1300.