Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week

Faith has been featured before, but as she still hasn't found her forever home, I thought I would put her photo up again...she is such a sweet dog...I have personally seen and walked her...she is so loving and happy to have any attention.....small to medium sized...she is an active dog and loves to run, jump and play so should have a fenced yard. Loves kids too and would make a good family dog......she has a pretty shiny black coat which is easy to take care of...just a good brushing and bath occasionally..not an expensive grooming.
To see Faith or any of her friends, just go to the Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue website
just to let you know that Snuggles got his stitches out and will soon be up for adoption....he still needs a week or two of confinement...he is so excited about leaving his kennel for longer periods now. I tried to get his photo but he was wiggly and thrilled to be free...hard to a youngster to be confined for so long!
The crochet book I posted about yesterday sold right away...but I did put 3 vintage pattern books in my shop with tons (and I mean it) tons of vintage patterns...these were all published back in the 1960s....each has 95 + patterns....crochet, knitting, sewing, tatting and of the books even has vintage Barbie doll clothes patterns to cool is that? Lots of doily patterns in all 3 of them which are helpful if you collect doilies and want to know the pattern names.....and even more helpful if you crochet!