Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well, we didn't get any snow...didn't get quite cold enough, although this morning it was very nippy, about 38 and frost on the lawns. Felt like hasn't warmed up much either and its almost noon. We did get rain last night and everything is wet outside. Alan thought ahead and racked all the leaves so we don't have a soggy mess to clean up.

I don't know if you have heard of the mess in Washington State about the sign that an atheist organization put up right next to a nativity scene at the state capitol building...very poor judgment in my way of thinking.....the title of the exhibit is Symbols of Faith....and the atheist sign slams both the Christian and the Jewish symbols...not a symbol of faith at all. I do think they have the right to place a sign but in a separate area. But the more fuss that is made about it, the more attention the sign gets which is what they want...I think ignoring it is a better way to go...its not going to destroy anyone's faith..if so, their faith is not very strong...
We were talking and were noting that the atheist's wouldn't think of putting up a sign in front of a mosque, would they? They wouldn't dare.
The trouble I see with the atheist position is its not positive in any way and offers its followers nothing but negative thinking...there are no atheist hospitals....rescue organizations..or..soup kitchens. I haven't heard of anyone who had a addiction problem being changed and healed by atheism. No charities. nothing, nada, zero, zlitch... which is to be expected because an atheist has no reason to help has no purpose or meaning... The sign does say
to enjoy the natural world and celebrate the winter solstice.....sounds like they are worshiping the creation instead of the creator ... like a Wicca.
Well, we are not going to let any atheist Scrooge spoil this wonderful time of celebrate the coming of our Lord and Savior born as a newborn baby in a humble stable....The angels worshiped Him, the shepherds worshiped Him and wise men still worship Him....