Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here's a darling postcard..there is a series of 3 of these with the sweet girls...this is the second.

Alan has a bad cold and we were glad he had no jobs yesterday...he slept most of the afternoon...guess he got it from me as I'd been sick about 10 days before.......he does have one job this morning but its close by and not too involved...Canyon Lake again, the place that is hard to get into.....the girl who called said she and her room mate have trouble getting in and they live there! I made sure they had called him in so hopefully he won't have a problem.
I added some Christmas music for fun......we just love Manheim Steamroller and hope you enjoy it. I saw they came out for a new album this year and hope we can get a copy if the work keeps up.
I will start decorating a little this week as we get into the season....taking down all the autumn/thanksgiving decorations......I started making putting cloves in a few oranges as they leave such a nice scent......usually have bowl of them on the coffee table. As we use a fake tree, we try to compensate with good smells...I need to get some candles too. Our tree is one that already has the lights attached and is over 8 ft. tall.......I am really tempted to do the following as it is so charming

Here is a closer look
I will include the link but isn't this a clever idea? We have a cathedral ceiling so this would look outstanding...it really looks like the doves are decorating the tree, doesn't it? Our tree looks similar to this one, same colors, traditional red and green..with big red bows.
Here is the link..Christmas tree decorating with birds