Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday Good Stuff

Here is the third in the series...these are so pretty...I am starting to make Christmas cards..ordered some nice vintage papers from a seller on Ebay and hope to get it soon...I know I'm starting late but it shouldn't take too long once I get the paper...I am using these vintage images on tags and already have them made up. Have the card stock all ready too and the envelopes.
Was busy yesterday and took down all the fall decorations....gone are the fall leaves and pumpkins. We have a miniature village we put up so that is next and then maybe next week the tree......
Today is dog of the week.....Matt and I went out to the dog rescue yesterday and really had an enjoyable hour........I am happy to report that Snuggles is doing well and got his stitches out yesterday...he still has to be contained and spends his time in the office in a warm kennel.
Donny got him out so I snapped a photo...his little tail was wagging and he was so glad to get out if even for a few minutes...he's just a puppy and I found out why he was so injured...the little boy at his previous home grabbed his back leg and pulled so hard, it snapped his leg bone at the hip line....He's a pure bred Maltese and only get about 6-7 lbs. when fully grown. Not really a good puppy for young children. His vet bills are expensive as he had to have surgery so if you'd like to help, even a small amount is great..please earmark your payments for Snuggles otherwise it goes in the general fund.....they accept Paypal......Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue
They have quite a few small breed dogs at the rescue and I snapped this photo
There were a group of them waiting for us at the gate...the smaller dogs are kept separate from the large ones and have their own patio to play in..if you can see there are two young puppies playing tug of war with a toy in the background... they have warm igloo type kennels and are let out during the day to play in the sun...they all seem to get along well and many have nice warm sweaters for the cooler days.
There are chairs and tables for the volunteers and prospective new owners so they can enjoy the little guys...
Its a pleasant if not noisy home for them until they find their forever families...or in a few cases are not suitable to be adopted (not socialized enough or have health problems) can live happily here.
I am so proud of my boy for devoting himself like this and the good work he is doing...