Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday Dog of the Week!


Donny said they got in 6 new dogs on Saturday... which is quite a lot...all from different owners...this is Skipper, he is a pure bred Schipperke about two year old male. His owner just couldn't keep him anymore...he is a high energy little dog, loyal and curious...
I didn't know much about this breed and did a little research...they are rather independent and need good training...he is a young dog so with the right training would be a good pet ...I found this site if anyone was interested in adopting him or the breed. All dogs have different personalities and temperaments...sometimes its very good to get a little older dog as you can see if their personality fits with you and your family. There are many pure bred dogs waiting as well as nice mixed breed dogs.
You may have noticed, I put the plug in about the rescue contest in again and if you haven't already voted, I hope you would.....the rescue can use all the help we can give it...and thanks for those who have voted.