Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday at My House

Here is a mini tour of our house decorated for the holidays.....we moved the china cabinet to the other wall and think it makes the room look larger....hope so....would you like some coffee or hot tea? Going to be making some cinnamon rolls soon to celebrate the season, something my aunt did every year when she would visit. Yum!

We just have this mini tree this year as our new rescued cat loves to chew on plastic....its cute but we do miss the big beautiful tree.....there are some tiny vintage Santa ornaments and candy canes on it....the antique doll baby carriage was my moms. Surprisingly the cats have left these alone......
Would you like to take a walk? at the end of our street, there is a big field.
this photo is looking back towards our can't really see it but its tucked back in the right hand corner.

If we climb out on these rocks, we can get some great views of the mountains....with all the rain and snow we've had, they are spectacular.

Thanks for coming by and hope you enjoyed your visit to our house and beautiful Menifee, California....

Before you leave, please take one of these Friendship Soup jars home with you...and Merry Christmas!